All express-mail shipping costs are included in your purchase price.
Your live Fresh Lobsters are shipped overnight to your home or place of business via Federal Express,UPS or Purolator. These couriers will deliver your lobsters to your door before the end of the delivery day.

WholesaleLiveLobster.Com guarantees that your Fresh Lobsters are alive when they are delivered to your home or business.

Next-Day Delivery

Federal Express, UPS, Purolator provides extraordinarily reliable service to WholesaleLiveLobster.Com and our customers. Courier drivers and depot workers go to great lengths to deliver our live Fresh Lobsters to our customers overnight. We have scores of testimonials to that effect. It’s quite mind-boggling that they are able to do so with such consistency.

The one exception to our express-mail over-night guarantee has to do with extreme weather conditions, sometimes called “Acts of God.” If an ice storm grounds the courier air planes, or impassable snow drifts block the courier delivery trucks, or a flood closes the highway, or another such weather condition occurs, you may not get your lobsters on time.

When the courier delivery person does get to your door, someone “HAS TO BE” present to receive the package. Typically, if no one is home, the package will “NOT” be left unattended. If you are unable to be at home to receive your live Lobsters, please have your order sent to your place of business or to a friend’s address. Or, you may want to arrange to pick up your live Succulent Lobsters at your local courier depot as a last resort. (You must call the courier in advance to make arrangements to do so.)

Shipment Tracking

The morning before the day you tell us to deliver live fresh lobsters to your “ship-to” address you will receive an eMail notice from us that will include your courier tracking number. Sometime in the afternoon of that day, the tracking process will start. You will see your package is on its way. As the lobsters advance to your “ship-to” address, you will be able to follow their progress.

If you are shipping live fresh lobsters to a third party, we highly recommend that you notify the lucky recipient that the package is on its way.

The day you place your order, you will receive our WholesaleLiveLobster.Com Order Confirmation and Thank You eMail. But, your tracking number is not created until the morning before your delivery date.

Please take care to include your correct eMail address when you place your order. Also, once again, if you are sending live Fresh Lobsters to a third party, please notify them that the package is on is way and give them the courier tracking number so they too can track their package.

Problems with your order?

WholesaleLiveLobster.Com guarantees the quality of its lobsters on the scheduled day of delivery. All claims must be made on the day of delivery in writing by fax signed. No claims are honoured if not made on day of delivery.

If you have any questions, e-mail us or call WholesaleLiveLobster.Com at 902-460-8706. Business hours are 24 hours, Monday through Friday. You may leave a voice mail message after 5 p.m. eastern time. Typically, we are able to respond to questions even after our normal business hours, so don’ t hesitate to leave a voice message. Our service department is closed on all major holidays.

Insulated Packaging

Experience has taught us that live Fresh Lobsters travel best when packed securely in heavy-duty Styrofoam cartons, covered with wet packing material, together with gel ice packs, before they are sent off to you. So, that’s what we do. We also use a more insulated and sturdy box known as a “cloud box”. These boxes are very similar to wine boxes including dividers to separate the lobsters in a fashion that they will not touch each other when shipped. We use these especially in the warmer summer months along with extra ice packs to ensure survival and top quality.


Lobster Packaging

Quality control is essential when transporting our product to market

Low Profile Shipper

  • 30lb low profile Canadian lobster shipper
  • 1” EPS molded foam cloud box
ITEM LENGTH WIDTH DEPTH (inside dimensions)
30LB 22 1/2 15 7